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SPA Process User’s Guide

Issued: Sept. 3, 1996
Updated: Dec. 6, 2018 – View Changes

FPP N.005


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Changes to this Document
12/06/2018 Updated Chapter 6 and Appendix C to reflect recently added Disposal Methods
05/16/2017 Removed INFOSGA and Order SPA Reports references from Chapter 8; removed Appendix H
09/01/2015 Transferred the link from the Comptroller’s Surplus Property website to the TFC website in accordance with Texas Government Code, Section 2175.1825
05/28/2015 Descriptions edited for DM17, DM18 and DM19
08/22/2014 Chapter 2 now includes the full policy for SPA Fiscal Year-End Reconciliation and Certification of Fiscal Balances. Deadline for External/Internal Property Transfers changed to Sept. 20.
07/25/2014 Updates include improved navigation for Appendix G, new surplus property batch process from ACR 44502, references to the actual 12 calendar days surplus property is listed on the Comptroller’s  Surplus Property website and that disposal method 6a to request that TFC sell surplus property via sealed bid is obsolete.
07/21/2014 Added the new record layouts for T-Code Z in Appendix G in advance of ACR 44502
03/05/2014 Updated the SPA class code table to include 2014 class code changes and sortable functionality with drop-down list examples.
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