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SPA Process User’s Guide – Chapter 3 – Navigation

Accessing Screens on the SPA System

The SPA [Main] Menu (PAMENU) provides access to SPA screens. Abbreviated titles of the SPA screens are organized with the inquiry screens in the first column; add/delete screens in the second column; and update screens in the third column.


Before you can access any SPA screen, you must log onto the SPA system and enter 4 (SPA) to pull up the SPA menu. Once the SPA menu appears, follow the procedure below:

  1. Enter X at one of the Menu options.
        STATE PROPERTY ACCOUNTING (SPA)                 03/24/04
                                          MENU                              17:46:28
     INQUIRY              ADD/DELETE                 UPDATE                         
       PRIMARY            _ ADD PROPERTY             _ UPDATE PROPERTY              
     _ LOCATION           _ TRANSFER PROPERTY        _ UPDATE DEBT FINANCED         
     _ CLASS CODE         _ ORDER DOWNLOAD           _ UPDATE FUND VALUE            
     _ PROPERTY TOTALS                               _ AGENCY INFORMATION           
     _ FINANCIAL HISTORY                                                            
     _ CERTIFICATION                                                                
                 SELECT AN OPTION WITH AN “X” AND PRESS ENTER                       
     CLEAR=EXIT     PF1=REFRESH     PF3=EXIT                                        
  2. Press Enter. The selected screen appears.

    Note: To navigate to another SPA screen, press Home to get to the upper left corner and enter the screen ID and record key on the first line. The format is screen ID (period) record key elements (each separated by a period) and a period at the end. For example, a record key that consists of the agency number, property number and component number looks like this:


    If a ten-byte property number is not entered, the user must press the space bar enough times to make sure that the ten-byte field has been filled. All spaces within a property number are valid values.

Screen Titles and Definitions

The list below explains which SPA screen corresponds to the abbreviated title that appears on the Menu shown previous and describes the function of that screen.

Inquiry Screens

Primary (Active) Property

The Primary (Active) Property (PAPROP) screen displays agency active property information.


The Property Financial Data (PAIVAL) screen displays agency property financial information.

Debt Financed

The Debt Financed Property (PADEBT) screen displays information about agency property financed by debt-finance instruments.


The Location of Property (PALOCA) screen displays the three property location fields. It also displays the name of the person responsible for the property.

Non-Financial History

The Non-Financial History (PAHIST) screen (referred to as the audit trail) displays detailed non-financial transaction information on adds, corrections or deletions made to agency property.


The News Display (PANDIT) screen displays current and upcoming SPA system enhancements, migrations, calendar of events and other information communicated by the Comptroller’s office to SPA users.

Disposed Property

The Disposed Property (PADISP) screen displays agency property that has an assigned disposal method.

Class Code

The Class Code (PACLAS) screen allows users to view class code information by class code, description, useful life and if designated, as a controlled class code.

Serial Number/Desc Search

The Serial Number Description Search (PASERS) screen allows agencies to search for agency property by serial number or by description.

User Access

The User Access (PAUSER) screen displays all SPA users by name or user ID. The list of users that have access to SPA can be sorted by a designated agency.

Property Totals

The Property Totals (PATOTS) screen displays all property values broken down by component number and fund number.

Financial History

The Financial History (PAFHST) screen displays detailed financial transaction information (by component) on adds, deletes and increases/decreases in value made to agency property.

Certification of Physical Inventory

The certification of Physical Inventory (PACERT) screen displays physical inventory dates by fiscal year. Beginning in fiscal 2003, the number of items reported missing during the physical inventory and the value of those items are reported.

Add/Delete Screens

Add Property

The Add Property (PAPADD) screen allows agencies to add agency property to the SPA system.

Add Prior Year Property

The Add PY Property (PAPPFY) screen allows agencies to add prior year agency property to the SPA system.

Disposal of Property

The Disposal of Property (PADLET) screen allows agencies to dispose of agency property.

Advertise Surplus

The Advertise Surplus (PADGSC) screen allows agencies to dispose of agency property through the Surplus Property Disposal process administered by the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC). This screen assigns disposal method 05 to the property and begins the advertising process.

Transfer Property

The Transfer Property (PATRAN) screen allows agencies to initiate a transfer of agency property maintained on the SPA system to another state agency.

Receive Transfers

The Receive Transfers (PARXER) screen allows agencies to receive property transferred from another state agency.

Recover Deleted Property

The Recover Deleted Property (PARCVR) screen is used to recover agency property that has been deleted or made inactive.

Assign User Access

The Assign User Access (PAPMGR) screen is used by the Comptroller’s security staff to specify the level of security assigned to SPA users.

Order Reports

The Order Reports (PARRPT) screen allows agencies to order SPA reports online. SPA reports are listed in Appendix H of this guide. Users should refer to this listing to determine which reports most suit their needs.

Order Download

The Order Extract Download (PARFEX) screen allows users to order download extracts online for their agency. There are five available formats in which users can receive their information.

Governing Agencies

The Governing Table (PAGOVT) screen is used by the Comptroller’s SPA staff to update the governing table within the SPA system. The governing table allows an agency to maintain data for another agency. Agencies are able to view this screen.

Update Screens

Update Property

The Update Property (PAPUPD) screen allows agencies to update nonfinancial property information previously entered.

Update Financial Information

The Update Financial Information (PAAVAL) screen allows agencies to update agency property financial information and add new financial records.

Update Surplus Information

The Update Surplus Information (PADUPD) screen allows agencies to update information about agency property in the surplus property disposal process administered by the TFC.

Update Debt Financed

The Update Debt Financed (PAMSTR) screen allows agencies to add debt financed information when Acquisition Method 08 – Debt Financed Instruments is used. It is also used to update debt finance information.

Update Location

The Update Location (PALUPD) screen allows agencies to update the location of agency property or the name of the person responsible for the property.

Update Property in Suspense

The Update Property in Suspense (PAACQU) screen allows agencies to update property entered into SPA using Acquisition Method 13.

Change Property Number

The Change Property Number (PANCHG) screen allows agencies to change a property number at the property number level. The change can only be made if the property number and all of its components are active. Pending or completed transfers cannot be changed.

Update Inactive Property

The Update Inactive Property (PAUDIS) screen allows agencies to update inactive agency property (property with a &ld

“hard” disposal method) without reactivating the property.

Update Fund Value

The Update Fund Value (PAUVAL) screen allows agencies to increase or decrease value. The screen also allows agencies to remove invalid zero-value fund records when there is another fund for that component with value.

Update Hard Disposal Methods

The Update Hard Disposal Methods (PAUHDM) screen allows agencies to change disposal methods 03, 04, 08–18, 20–30 and update disposal information. Users who can update this screen have a title code of P (property manager) or A (alternate property manager) and have a SPA 1 security profile.

Update Depreciation (Depreciable Entities)

The Update Depreciable Entities (PADPRE) screen allows agencies to update factors used to calculate depreciation on agency property. Factors that can be updated include: historical indicator, depreciation indicator, useful life and residual percent.

Agency Information

The Agency Information (PAAGIN) screen is used by the Comptroller’s SPA staff to open and close agency accounting periods in SPA.

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