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Financial Reporting

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AFR Ad Hoc Reports

Starting on the evening of Sept. 2, the following AFR-related reports will run and be available via secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) the following day:

Agencies may save or print their reports daily, Monday through Friday. Each day’s information is replaced on the following business day by the next transmission.

Contact your financial reporting analyst for more information.

Property Transfers Deadline

Sept. 20 is the deadline to enter property transfers in SPA so GR consolidated agencies can complete their fiscal year-end reconciliations.

Universities that do not report to SPA must follow the reporting requirements in Capital Asset Note Preparation to report external transfers.

Note: Transfers between two external agencies cannot be entered into SPA.

See Transferring Property in Chapter 7 of the SPA Process User Guide for complete instructions.

GASB Questionaires

GASB Questionaires

All simplified and full reporting agencies are required to complete and submit every GASB Questionnaire each fiscal year.


Financial Reporting 45-Day Calendar


Annual Financial Report Update Training

Fiscal Management offers a variety of training. Explore your options at Training Center.