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Reminder – Vendor Number Changes in USAS

Effective immediately, the vendor numbers used to process two types of USAS transactions have changed. Agencies must update their internal systems to accommodate these vendor number changes. After March 31, the previous numbers and all their mail codes will be inactive and cannot be used to process payments or accounting transactions.

Contact Payment Services with questions.

Payment Scheduling and Advance Payment Policy Update

The Comptroller’s office recognizes certain vendors may require payments before the 30-day period in response to a disaster declared by the governor. If an agency must process an early payment, it must document the business justification in terms of the disaster event. See Payment Scheduling for more information.

While a state agency may make an advance payment for goods or services in response to a disaster declared by the governor, the payment must be necessary and serve a proper public purpose, and the agency must be able to document the justification for the Comptroller’s office. See Advance Payments for more information.

Contact Expenditure Assistance with questions

Reminder: Supplemental Confidential Data Prohibited in TINS Addresses

It is the agency’s responsibility to verify that the payee name and address fields do not include any supplemental confidential data before submitting the payment to the Comptroller’s office. The agency must remove supplemental confidential data from these fields in TINS and USAS before payment. For more information, see the Confidential Information section of TexPayment Resource.

If you have questions or need an extract of mail codes your agency has established or paid, please contact the Payment Services Help Desk at (512) 936-8138 or


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