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Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS)

What’s New

Reminder – Last Day To Request Form 1099 Is Jan. 30

Payments of $600 or more to a non-corporate payee for services or interest during a calendar year must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service on Form 1099-Miscellaneous (MISC) or Form 1099-Interest Income (INT).

Jan. 30 is the last day to make adjustments in USAS to the 1099-reportable data and request 1099s.

See USAS Procedures for 1099 Reporting for Calendar Year 2019 (FPP E.001) for more information.

Change to USAS DAFR2161

The Payroll Deduction Cancellation Request Daily Activity report (DAFR2161) has a new name: Cancellations Processed by Fiscal Management — Daily Report.

See ACR 60398 – USAS System Change for more information.

System Change Tracker

ACR 60398

Update Title of DAFR2161

ACR 60319

DAFR3913 Enhancements

ACR 60279

New Column for DAFR8161 and DAFR8171

General System Availability


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