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Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS)

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Action Required: Comptroller’s Mainframe SSL Certificate Changing

The secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate chain for the Comptroller’s production mainframe is changing Sunday, April 5, because the previous Comodo CA certificates are expiring. Agencies must add the new certificate before April 5. Do not delete the current certificate.

This impacts anyone going to using SSL, notably (but not exclusively) file transfer protocol secure (FTPS) transfers.

The certificate is currently available for download. See Comptroller’s Mainframe Certificate Changing for more information.

Contact your agency security coordinator (ASC) and technical team with questions about certificate/key installation and configuration. For additional help, contact the Comptroller’s office help desk at or (512) 463-HELP.

Reminder — Vendor Number Changes in USAS

Effective March 31, the vendor numbers used for the processing of two types of USAS transactions will change. Agencies must update their internal systems to prepare for these vendor number changes. Agencies have the option to start using the new numbers immediately. However, after March 31, the previous numbers and all their mail codes will be inactive and cannot be used to process payments or accounting transactions.

  • The vendor number for Replenishing Petty Cash will be 31001035687.000, replacing 38880026539.000
  • The vendor number for Summary Cost Allocation Transfers will be 31001035695.000, replacing 38880025705.000

Contact Payment Services with questions.

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