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Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS)

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USPS Unavailable Dec. 14 for CYE File Split

USPS will be unavailable all day Saturday, Dec. 14, while we conduct the calendar year-end (CYE) file split.

All USPS payrolls finalized after the 2019/2020 file split must have a warrant date in calendar year 2020 and will be reflected in the 2020 files.

See the schedule in USPS Calendar Year-End Close Process (FPP R.014) and Splitting Files in the USPS Calendar Year-End Close Manual for more information.

Contact the USPS help desk at (512) 463-4008 or your assigned USPS representative with questions.

State of Texas Annual Cash Report Now Available

The State of Texas Annual Cash Report for fiscal 2019 is now available. The report presents the state’s financial condition and details revenues and expenditures on a cash basis, as required by Government Code, Section 403.013.

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