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New Anti-Fraud Handouts Available in FM Training Classes

Fiscal Management (FM) now provides anti-fraud handouts in FM instructor-led training classes. The documents cover tips and best practices for payment processing and are intended to help raise awareness of the potential fraud risks in today’s business environment.

The documents are also available for download on TexPayment Resource.

USAS and CAPPS Confidentiality Indicator Must Be Correctly Marked

To make payment information available to the public promptly, the Comptroller’s office must be able to distinguish confidential and non-confidential payments. State agencies and institutions of higher education must ensure that confidential transactions are properly marked to protect payee confidentiality as specified in USAS and CAPPS Confidentiality Indicator (FPP E.045).

The agency or institution submitting a transaction is responsible for determining confidentiality. Transactions are legally considered public unless specifically excluded by the Public Information Act (Texas Government Code, Chapter 552).

An agency or institution that marks a transaction as confidential should be prepared to cite the law or attorney general opinion that excludes the payment from public disclosure.

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