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State Payee Payment Resources

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Contact the state agency you are doing business with or the agency that issues your payments to request forms.



For assistance with payments, payees should call the paying agency listed on the Paying Agency Contact List. If you need help determining which agency to contact:

  • Email or
  • Call the Comptroller’s Payment Services help desk at (512) 936-8138 or toll-free (800) 531-5441, ext. 6-8138.

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The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (Comptroller’s office) plays the role of both bank and accountant for state government payments issued via the Comptroller’s office to pay the agencies’ bills according to state law. State agencies, including institutions of higher education, submit payment requests for their payees to a statewide accounting system maintained by the Comptroller’s office. For more information, see State Payment Requirements and Payments On Hold.

Payments are prepared and issued by the accounting system by printing warrants (paper checks) or by electronic direct deposit. The process includes these steps:

  • The paying agency assists its payees in obtaining a Texas Identification Number (TIN) that the state uses to track payments.
  • The payee provides goods or services to a state agency and submits an invoice to that agency for payment.
  • The agency submits a payment request to the statewide accounting system that includes payment distribution instructions based on the payee’s payment option.
    • Warrant, the paying agency distributes the warrant to its payee.
    • Direct deposit, the Comptroller’s office transmits the payment to the payee’s account on behalf of the agency.
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