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Standardized Payroll/Personnel Reporting System (SPRS)

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Action Required: Comptroller’s Mainframe SSL Certificate Changing

The secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate chain for the Comptroller’s production mainframe is changing Sunday, April 5, because the previous Comodo CA certificates are expiring. Agencies must add the new certificate before April 5. Do not delete the current certificate.

This impacts anyone going to using SSL, notably (but not exclusively) file transfer protocol secure (FTPS) transfers.

The certificate is currently available for download. See Comptroller’s Mainframe Certificate Changing for more information.

Contact your agency security coordinator (ASC) and technical team with questions about certificate/key installation and configuration. For additional help, contact the Comptroller’s office help desk at or (512) 463-HELP.

Fiscal Resources and Required Actions for Tracking Coronavirus-Related Activity

The Comptroller’s office provides accounting guidance and resources to assist agencies and institutions of higher education in disaster relief efforts. See Accounting for Disaster Relief Efforts (FPP K.011) for additional information.

To assess the fiscal impact of coronavirus-related activity on state resources, the Comptroller’s office requires agencies and institutions of higher education to track expenditures and revenues directly related to significant disaster relief efforts. See Tracking Expenditures and Revenues Related to Disaster Relief Efforts (FPP K.014) for additional information, or contact your agency’s appropriation control officer.

As state agencies and institutions start to alter work schedules, emergency leave tracking must be standardized within the statewide payroll systems. For more information on COVID-19 leave reporting:

  • USPS agencies can call the USPS help desk at (512) 463-4008 or contact their Comptroller representative.
  • CAPPS agencies can call (512) 463-2277 or enter a service ticket into the application service provider (ASP) Solution Center.
  • Institutions of higher education can call the HRIS help desk at (512) 463-4008 or contact their Comptroller representative.

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