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ACR 60188 – SPRS System Change
Sept. 1, 2016


Application Change Request (ACR) 60188 modified the Standardized Payroll/Personnel Reporting System (SPRS) to create new Employees Retirement System (ERS) deduction and state match codes effective Sept. 1, 2016.

Note: CAPPS HR/Payroll Central Agencies should see ASP Ticket 982 (login required). If you do not have access to the Application Service Provider (ASP) Solution Center, please contact your agency’s CAPPS support staff for more information.


ERS now allows employees to participate in a:

The High Deductible Health Plan and vision deductions could be submitted to SPRS using the current Insurance (INS) deduction code; however, SPRS needed to create two new deduction codes and one new state match code for the other accounts ERS implemented.


SPRS now includes the following deduction and state match codes to identify the new ERS accounts:

Code Vendor Mail Code Vendor Number
LFS Limited Flexible Spending Account 33273273277042
HSA Employee Health Savings Account 33273273277040
SHS State Match Health Saving Account 33273273277039


For more information

Please contact your SPRS representative.