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CAPPS Contacts and Help

CAPPS Agency Support

If you encounter an issue with CAPPS, please report it to your agency’s CAPPS support team (Level 1 or 2 staff). If they are unable to resolve your issue, they can escalate it to the CAPPS help desk at the Comptroller’s office.

CAPPS Central agencies Level 1 support staff contacts

CAPPS Hub agencies Level 2 support staff contacts

CAPPS IAM/TDIS delegated administrators

CAPPS Help Desk for Authorized Agency Support Staff

CAPPS agency support staff contacts are the only agency staff authorized to contact the CAPPS help desk. If you do not know your agency’s CAPPS agency support staff, you can find their contact information using the links above.

Phone: (512) 463-2277 (authorized callers only)


NOTE: IAM/TDIS delegated administrators are authorized to contact the CAPPS HR/Payroll help desk via phone, using option 3 in the menu, or via email.

Application service provider (ASP) Solution Center websites

The ASP Solution Centers (links below) are the service ticket tracking databases used by CAPPS support staff at the agencies and the Comptroller’s office to track reported issues and enhancements, including functional and technical questions/issues, general information requests, etc.

Note: Password resets for the ASP Solution Centers are completed by the CPA IT help desk at 512-463-HELP (4357).

CAPPS Security Support

Note: The following information applies only to CAPPS Central agency users. CAPPS Hub agency users — please contact your agency’s CAPPS help desk (see contacts above) for security assistance.

Password issues for HR/Payroll agencies

Please contact your agency’s password administrators for assistance.

Password issues for Financials-only agencies

Please contact the SSA Security Team at or 512-463-2277, option 4.

Note: This must be done by the affected individual and not a Level 1 help desk member or security coordinator.

If you are unable to sign on to the system or have difficulty performing tasks you previously performed

Please contact your agency’s CAPPS Level 1 help desk for assistance. Your agency’s CAPPS Level 1 help desk will forward any issues that they cannot resolve to the Comptroller’s CAPPS support team.

New or updated access

If you need to add to or change a current user’s role, please contact one of your agency’s CAPPS help desk team members for assistance. Security changes and new user setups are coordinated through your agency’s security coordinator.