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Fiscal Management Customer Service Survey

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Direct Deposit

Agencies should encourage their payees to sign up for direct deposit to speed the delivery of their payments and avoid lost or stolen warrants. Agencies may provide their payees the Comptroller’s Direct Deposit Authorization Form or their internal form. For questions about the direct deposit process, see Direct Deposit.

Agencies should also encourage their payees to track their state payments via the Comptroller’s Search State Payments Issued (SSPI) website. SSPI video tutorials are available at the Comptroller’s Video Library. SSPI allows the payees to sign up for an Advance Payment Notification which generates an automated email to the payee the day after a warrant or direct deposit payment is issued by your agency.

Contact Payment Services for questions.

Emergency Leave Tracking

Emergency leave tracking must be standardized within the statewide payroll systems. For more information on COVID-19 leave reporting:

  • USPS agencies can call the USPS help desk at (512) 463-4008 or contact their Comptroller representative.
  • CAPPS agencies can call (512) 463-2277 or enter a service ticket into the application service provider (ASP) Solution Center.
  • Institutions of higher education can call the HRIS help desk at (512) 463-4008 or contact their Comptroller representative.