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System Change Tracker

Note: For system changes, CAPPS Central Agencies should see the Application Service Provider (ASP) Solution Center (login required). If you do not have access to the ASP Solution Center, please contact your agency’s CAPPS support staff for more information.

ACR 60319

USAS: DAFR3913 Enhancements

ACR 60351

HRIS: HRIS Race Code Changes

ACR 60350

USPS: USPS Race Code Changes

ACR 60279

USAS: New Column for DAFR8161 and DAFR8171

ACR 60197

USAS: Simplified Process for Batch Headers

ACR 60309

USPS: New HM9CM Screen

IR 20115

TINS: TINS Test Environment

ACR 60109

TINS: Updated VEX File

ACR 60159 (Part Two)

TINS: TINS Screen Changes Address Offset Held Warrants

ACR 60159


ACR 60100


ACR 60149

SPA: SPA Surplus Process Change

ACR 60212

USAS: Limited Changes to Certain D23 Fund Fields (Migrated May 5)

ACR 60094

TINS: Mail code reactivation process in the Texas Identification Number System (TINS)

ACR 60137

USAS: 45-Day Limit for Certain Fields on Doc Types 5 & 7

ACR 60218

TINS: Direct Deposit Cancellations Report

ACR 60187

USPS: ERS Deductions and State Match Codes

ACR 60188

SPRS: ERS Deductions and State Match Codes

ACR 60172

HRIS: New Exception Message File

ACR 60098

TINS: Inquiry Screen Updates

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