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System Change Tracker: USPS ACRs by Date

USPS by ACR Number

ACR 60480

USPS: USPS System Changes Related to FFCRA

ACR 60431

USPS: USPS System Changes Related to FFCRA

ACR 60323

USPS: USPS W-4 Reformatting

ACR 60350

USPS: USPS Race Code Changes

ACR 60309

USPS: New HM9CM Screen

ACR 60187

USPS: ERS Deductions and State Match Codes

ACR 60076

USPS: CSA Deductions

ACR 60015

USPS: 401(k)/457 Changes

ACR 60122

USPS: Donor Sick Leave

ACR 60123

USPS: TJJD and TMD Protect Indicator

ACR 44753

USPS: ERS 90-Day Wait Change

ACR 44681

USPS: ERS Dental Discount

ACR 43740

USPS: Employment Verification Screen Change

ACR 44255

USPS: New Month- and Quarter-End Clear Screen

ACR 43305

USPS: Payee Number Conversion Phase 3

ACR 43926

USPS: New Additional Medicare Tax Screen

ACR 44024

USPS: Employer Paid Retirement Contribution

ACR 43987

USPS: Reserve law enforcement officer leave

ACR 43850

USPS: Additional Medicare Tax In Reports 056 and 058

ACR 42802

USPS: Payee Number Conversion Preparation Phase 2

ACR 41639

USPS: Military Leave Changes

ACR 30406

USPS: Direct Deposit for Termed Employees

ACR 30661

USPS: Roth 401(k) and Roth 457

ACR 30981

USPS: Tobacco User Premium Differential Deduction

ACR 30764

USPS: Personal Information Protection for Certain OAG Employees

ACR 30714

USPS: Confidentiality of Emergency Contact Information Field

ACR 30653

USPS: Payroll Health Insurance Contribution Deduction

ACR 30407

USPS: Direct Deposit Account Type Errors

ACR 30647

USPS: What Prints on a Deduction Warrant

ACR 30014

USPS: 401(k) Process

ACR 29667

USPS: Autoload of Report 978

ACR 30251

USPS: Layout of Report 58

ACR 27179

USPS: Military Caregiver Leave Category for FMLA

ACR 30087

USPS: Employee OASDI Tax Rate from 6.2 to 4.2 Percent

ACR 28404

USPS: Prior FY Updates for Leave Accounting

ACR 16899

USPS: Modifies Prior State Service and Hazardous Duty Entry

ACR 27575

USPS: Modifies Fitness/Wellness Leave and Reports 563 and 597

ACR 28296

USPS: Modifies Special Pays During New Hire Process