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System Change Tracker

Note: For system changes, CAPPS Central Agencies should see the Application Service Provider (ASP) Solution Center (login required). If you do not have access to the ASP Solution Center, please contact your agency’s CAPPS support staff for more information.

ACR 60608

TINS: TINS: Unmask Account Numbers on DDEP

ACR 60027

TINS: TINS: DDEP Web Application

ACR 60582

HRIS: Created two new military preference codes related to Senate Bill 1376

IR 22397

USAS: Removes the two-day turnaround time for receiving three USAS requestable reports

ACR 60547

TINS: TINS Implements New Edits and Enhancements

ACR 60501

SPRS: Added deduction codes related to Employees Retirement System Group 4 (EL4, ER4, LE4, ES4 and LR4) effective Sept. 1, 2022

ACR 60019

TINS: Held Warrant Release Code Changes

ACR 60227

TINS: Creates New Agency Reports for Direct Deposit Returns

ACR 60487

USAS: Mask Account Numbers on Direct Deposit Reports

ACR 60486

TINS: Mask Account Numbers on Direct Deposit Reports

ACR 60527

USAS: Changes to USAS Profiles D10 and D22

ACR 60498

USAS: Updates the annual automated profile rollover program

ACR 60500

USAS: Update Field Titles From CAFR to ACFR

ACR 60472

USAS: USAS Batch Number Reservation

ACR 60480

USPS: USPS System Changes Related to FFCRA

ACR 60382

TINS: Repurpose TINS NOC Reason Code R17

ACR 60446

TINS: Mask Account Numbers on Monthly Direct Deposit Reports

ACR 60361


ACR 60294

TINS: TINS Dropped Transactions and Relationship Table

ACR 60105

TINS: TINS Comma Separated Values (CSV) File