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CAPPS System Changes - March 2023

The list of Service Request (SR) tickets below represents code changes that are now implemented in the CAPPS Production environment. Authorized CAPPS agency support staff have three business days after the listed migration date to review changes and provide feedback via the SR ticketing system. All other agencies users should contact their agency’s support staff for more information.

Migration Date Module Short Description SR Number CSR Number
03/09/2023 Recruiting Issues with upload of documents in CAPPS Recruit 45228
03/09/2023 Accounts Payable Add draft voucher print to the voucher approval summary page 30491 STW-2750
03/09/2023 Accounts Payable Limit Voucher Mass Approval lookup to FIN users 30724 STW-2759
03/09/2023 Travel and Expense Correctly display the HQ Work Location Description on the user expense report 31413 STW-2752
03/09/2023 Purchase Orders Add ability to use Item 00 in the NIGP code listing on purchasing documents 29618 STW-2767
03/09/2023 Purchase Orders Missing PO line comments/attachment – Oracle bug 28705 STW-2768
03/09/2023 Cash Receipts CR batch size needs to be increased 31295 STW-2737
03/09/2023 General Ledger Correct batch agency when using the web service pre-release 30521 STW-2753
03/09/2023 Security Update TX_FIN_AP_INQUIRY to allow viewing voucher attachments on the Voucher Inquiry page 29364 STW-2756
03/09/2023 TL Time and Labor Contingent Worker TL Enrollment 5316 HCM-7431
03/09/2023 Performance Mgmt Agy admin unable to add/edit PM notes 29603 HCM-7450
03/09/2023 HR Human Resources Error in JobCode Table when correcting Agy Jobcode 34898 HCM-7468
03/09/2023 TL Time and Labor Time certification date timestamp reverts to null 35220 HCM-7432
03/09/2023 TL Time and Labor Personal time off - expiration - contract staff 22933 HCM-7460
03/09/2023 TL Time and Labor TL Group Refresh page issues during 508 testing 36243 HCM-7469
03/09/2023 HR Human Resources SPC (Excess Benefit Participant) EE term issue 38090 HCM-7467
03/09/2023 HR Human Resources LAST_INCREASE_DT not accurate for employees 34720 HCM-7466
03/09/2023 Performance Mgmt Derive company from primary job indicator 41088 HCM-7461
03/09/2023 TL Time and Labor Optional Holiday TS edits not working 40236 HCM-7462
03/09/2023 PY Payroll SYS doc not being reported on TX_PY_TAX941_HISTORY 11012 HCM-7442
03/09/2023 Performance Mgmt Add additional tables/records to the Query Tree 37578 HCM-7260
03/09/2023 TL Time and Labor Schedule override query needed 6882 HCM-7446