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CAPPS System Changes - July 2021

The list of Service Request (SR) tickets below represents code changes that are now implemented in the CAPPS Production environment. Authorized CAPPS agency support staff have three business days after the listed migration date to review changes and provide feedback via the SR ticketing system. All other agencies users should contact their agency’s support staff for more information.

Migration Date Module Short Description SR Number CSR Number
07/24/2021 Recruiting Upgrade CAPPS Recruit to 21B.1 30257
07/24/2021 Recruiting Supplemental questions didn't copy over to dup req 26068
07/22/2021 HR Human Resources Monthly longevity report not displaying employees 27730 HCM-6957
07/15/2021 Performance Mgmt Former employees shouldn’t receive PM emails 15073 HCM-6540
07/15/2021 PY Payroll Reinforce the opt-out cap limit of PHC and PHCSTO 6990 HCM-6842
07/15/2021 TL Time and Labor System prompting for time certification during LOA 12616 HCM-6872
07/15/2021 HR Human Resources SPRS only emergency builds to get EXCS hire in SPR 22185 HCM-6888
07/15/2021 TL Time and Labor Time reporter data auto enrollment issue 21964 HCM-6895
07/15/2021 HR Human Resources No Success when running BioSketch by Dept 29877 HCM-6985
07/15/2021 Recruiting Request to add submission completed date 17963  
07/08/2021 Customer Contracts SQL error on new version contract 22957 STW-2409
07/08/2021 Reports Modify SPRS audit report for state/local tax class 27677 HCM-6936
07/08/2021 CA Commitment Accounting, HR Human Resources, Reports Create reports for position data and funding data 26704 HCM-6921
07/08/2021 Reports PY approver query 29081 HCM-6970
07/01/2021 PY Payroll FFCRA extension 04/01/2021 - 09/30/2021 27891 HCM-6950
07/01/2021 Purchase Orders Additional info - Requisitions to be Sourced Report 10064 STW-2351