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System Change Tracker: USAS ACRs by Date

USAS by ACR Number

IR 22397

USAS: Removes the two-day turnaround time for receiving three USAS requestable reports

ACR 60487

USAS: Mask Account Numbers on Direct Deposit Reports

ACR 60527

USAS: Changes to USAS Profiles D10 and D22

ACR 60498

USAS: Updates the annual automated profile rollover program

ACR 60500

USAS: Update Field Titles From CAFR to ACFR

ACR 60472

USAS: USAS Batch Number Reservation

ACR 60345

USAS: Summary Vendor Number Updates

ACR 60330

USAS: Added New Columns to the Transactions Deleted Report

ACR 60398

USAS: Update Title of DAFR2161

ACR 60319

USAS: DAFR3913 Enhancements

ACR 60279

USAS: New Column for DAFR8161 and DAFR8171

ACR 60197

USAS: Simplified Process for Batch Headers

ACR 60100


ACR 60212

USAS: Limited Changes to Certain D23 Fund Fields (Migrated May 5)

ACR 60137

USAS: 45-Day Limit for Certain Fields on Doc Types 5 & 7

IR 17382

USAS: Warning Encumbrance Edit for All Active Appropriations

ACR 42480

USAS: Warrant Special Handling

ACR 31370

USAS: New DAFR8665