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ACR 60197 – USAS System Change
Sept. 7, 2018


Application Change Request (ACR) 60197 migrates on Sept. 07, 2018, in the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) to provide a simplified method for processing batch headers no longer containing transactions (“empty batch headers”) off the Internal Transaction (IT) file.


When batches containing unprocessed transactions are returned to the IT file and agencies delete all of the remaining transactions in the batch without releasing the batch that same day, the empty batch header remains on the IT file, even after repeated release attempts.


The current method for processing the empty batch headers off the IT file is cumbersome and time-consuming, requiring substantial coordination between agency and Comptroller central support staff.


An enhancement was implemented in USAS that allows for the processing of empty batch headers using simplified steps that can be taken by users with the proper transaction-related USAS security.

This new simplified solution reduces the potential for errors and the burden on agency and Comptroller staff. It also provides for the empty batch headers to be processed more frequently and easily, allowing for a cleaner and easier-to-manage IT file.

For More Information

For specific instructions on how to process empty batch headers off the IT file, see USAS Internal Transaction File Maintenance and Super Security Delete Process (FPP Q.001).

For additional assistance with processing empty batch headers, email

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