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ACR 42480 – USAS System Change
May 4, 2013


Application Change Request (ACR) 42480 for the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) improved the process for requesting, sorting and distributing warrants that require special handling effective May 4, 2013.


Two categories of exception warrants required state agencies and institutions of higher education to request special handling every time they were needed:

In Payment Services, the daily distribution of these warrants required manual sorting and hand-written documentation on the agencies’ Daily Warrant Transmittal Report (DAFR3671).

System changes in USAS were necessary to:


New Payment Distribution Types

New payment distribution types (PDTs) were created in USAS to identify wire transfers:

XSpecial Pull
XCSpecial Pull – Cross funds, not documents
XDSpecial Pull – Cross documents
XFSpecial Pull – Cross documents and funds
XH Special Pull – Warrant on hold (System generated)

Agencies no longer need to fax or email a request to Payment Services to send the warrant(s) to Treasury Operations for wire transfers. Agencies enter the new payment distribution types for special pulls directly in the PDT field in USAS during transaction entry.

To allow time for agencies to change their internal procedures, Payment Services will continue to accept manual requests for wire transfer special pulls until July 1, 2013. After that, agencies must use one of the new PDTs on payment vouchers when applicable. Using the new PDTs will ensure timely delivery of these warrants to Treasury Operations.

Note: Treasury Operations still requires payee wire transfer instructions be submitted on letterhead and verified by the paying state agency. For more information, email

Please see USAS Reference (FPP Q.012) for the updated listing of PDTs.

New Warrant Sort Keys

USAS now uses these new major warrant sort keys to group together warrants with special handling instructions instead of dispersing them within each issuing agency’s set of warrants:

002Special Pulls (Wire transfers)
020Judgments and Settlements
030Miscellaneous Claims – Payroll
032Miscellaneous Claims – Bills
034Miscellaneous Claims – IRS
036Miscellaneous Claims – ERS
038Miscellaneous Claims – TRS

Three major sort keys identify the agency’s primary warrant distribution method:

060Agency Pickup (Default)
070Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS) Courier
080Mail to Agency

USAS also now uses minor sort keys within 060, 070 and 080 (when applicable):

040TRS Warrants
045ERS Warrants
100Payrolls (Includes annuity payroll)
110Other Payroll Deductions
120Payroll Reimbursement Warrants
140Local Fund Warrants

Please see USAS Reference (FPP Q.012) for the new listing of Warrant Sort Keys and Distribution.

The Daily Warrant Transmittal Report (DAFR3671) includes sort keys for both the issuing agency (without signature lines) and the agency receiving the warrants (with signature lines). View DAFR Example Reports .

New Field on the DØ2 Screen

The Agency Profile (DØ2) now displays the agency’s primary warrant distribution method in the DIST field as submitted on the Agency Authorization for Warrant Pickup (74-189) form (login required) PDF.

Note: Agencies must submit an updated Warrant Pickup form to change the primary warrant distribution method.

Please see USAS Coding Instructions (FPP Q.010) for the updated screen shot and new DIST field description on the Agency Profile (DØ2).

Screen affected

Agency Profile (DØ2)

Report affected

Daily Warrant Transmittal Report (DAFR3671)

View DAFR Example Reports

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