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ACR 60345 – USAS System Change
Effective April 10, 2020


Application Change Request (ACR) 60345 for the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) updates the use of Texas Identification Numbers (TINs) starting with 3888 (summary vendor numbers) on payment transactions. This change is effective April 10, 2020.


Payment Services establishes summary vendor numbers (TINs starting with 3888) upon review and approval of agency requests. Agencies use 3888 vendor numbers to issue payments directly to a payee for a minimal amount. The USAS Payee Amount Limit (36) Profile maintains summary vendor numbers and ensures each transaction amount does not exceed the 36 profile maximum. Agencies must also use specific summary payee transaction codes (T-codes) when paying a 3888 vendor number.


Incorrect use of summary vendor numbers has led to problems. For example:


To ensure the correct use of summary vendor numbers, the following USAS edits were implemented:

  1. Only summary payee T-codes (currently T-codes 234, 245, 255 and 258) are allowable when processing payment transactions using a summary vendor number
  2. Summary vendor numbers must be established on the 36 profile to be used on the allowable payment transactions
  3. The financial agency number entered on a summary payment transaction must match the agency number established on the 36 profile for the applicable summary vendor number

The existing edits that validate the transaction amount against the 36 profile amount limit were not affected by this ACR and remain unchanged.

Note: These edits do not affect the use of summary vendor numbers on non-payment transactions such as warrant cancellations, journal vouchers and expenditure transfer vouchers.

Actions Needed

Agencies must make any necessary internal system changes to ensure their payment and/or accounting transactions process successfully in USAS.

For More Information

Contact Payment Services for help establishing or using summary vendor numbers.