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ACR 60498 – USAS System Change
Effective June 17, 2022


Application Change Request (ACR) 60498 for the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) updates the annual automated profile rollover program. This change is effective June 17, 2022.


The USAS annual profile rollover program automatically creates new profiles for the next fiscal and appropriation years based on the current year profiles and includes both agency-controlled and centrally-controlled profiles. The program does not include profiles where:

Agencies are responsible for reviewing their profiles and either inactivating or setting an effective end date for those profiles not needed in the next fiscal or appropriation year.


USAS prevents changes to profiles when any of the inferred data elements are inactive. This presents challenges when users attempt to inactivate or set an effective end date for their profiles that infer inactive centrally-controlled profiles.

When the inferred data elements are maintained on centrally-controlled profiles, users must coordinate with the Comptroller’s Fiscal Management division staff to have the centrally-controlled profiles temporarily reactivated so users can inactivate their profiles.

For example, the agency-controlled Fund (D23) profile infers three centrally-controlled profiles: the Appropriated Fund (D22) profile, the GAAP Fund (D24) profile and the GAAP Fund Type (D21) profile. If any of those profiles are inactive, the agency cannot inactivate the D23 profile without Fiscal Management assistance.

Likewise, when an agency is abolished, it is common for agency-controlled profiles to not be inactivated before the centrally-controlled Agency (D02) profile is inactivated. Because of the extensive coordination effort necessary to inactivate the agency-controlled profiles, typically those profiles remain active and continue to be included in the annual rollover unnecessarily.

Finally, the Other System Cost Center (D37) profile is included in the annual profile rollover program, but the profile is no longer in use. As there is no business reason to create new D37 profiles each year, it should be excluded from the rollover program.


The following enhancements were made to the rollover program:

Reports Affected

Report PCU155 – D23 Profiles That Will Not Roll Forward to Next FY

For More Information

For specific information on the annual profile rollover program, see USAS Profile Rollover (FPP Q.007).

For additional assistance with the profile rollover, contact your agency’s appropriation control officer or financial reporting analyst.