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ACR 60137 – USAS System Change
Nov. 16, 2016


Application Change Request (ACR) 60137 migrates on Nov. 14, 2016, in the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) to limit the date entered in the DOC DATE and PMT DUE DATE fields on the USAS Transaction Entry screens to 45 days from the current effective date, per the USAS System Management (97) Profile for document type 5 – Payroll (Reimbursements and Adjustments) and document type 7 – Annuitant Payroll transactions, effective Nov. 16, 2016.


For batches containing payroll (document type 5) or annuitant payroll (document type 7) transactions: After a batch is approved, released and error-free, it processes off of the agency’s Internal Transaction (IT) file, the transactions post to the financial tables and are written to history, and the payments are created.

During cycle, USAS edits the DOC DATE entered on the transactions against certain fields on the Payroll Date Profile (D62) screen to determine if the payroll/annuity payment is for a monthly, bi-monthly or supplemental payroll. Depending on the type of payroll and if there is a match between the DOC DATE and the D62 screen, USAS may overwrite the user-entered PMT DUE DATE with the DOC DATE. USAS then uses the PMT DUE DATE to determine payment date.


Many times a future DOC DATE or PMT DUE DATE beyond current calendar year is entered in error on the payroll/annuitant payment transaction. Because the transactions have already been posted and written to history, they cannot be corrected. ACH (direct deposit) payments with future payment dates remain on the ACH file waiting to be transmitted to the payee’s account.

For a payment with an erroneous future payment date, numerous manual processes must be completed to correct the payment date and allow the payment to be issued. This process is costly and time-consuming, and can result in a payment not being issued timely.


An edit was implemented in USAS that limits the date entered in the DOC DATE and PMT DUE DATE fields to 45 days from the current effective date per the USAS System Management (97) Profile.

This edit is only applied to transactions entered using document type 5 and document type 7. If a user enters a date in either the DOC DATE or PMT DUE DATE fields that is greater than 45 days from the current system management date, USAS issues error code ED6 – Doc Date Invalid or ED9 – Invalid Due Date. These are fatal errors – the user must correct the corresponding date and resubmit the batch for processing. If the batch was pre-released, it will need to be released again after the changes have been made.


For more information

For questions on payroll payment processing, please contact your SPRS, USPS or CAPPS representative.

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