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ACR 60527 – USAS System Change
Effective Aug. 4, 2022


Application Change Request (ACR) 60527 for the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) repurposed certain fields on the Comptroller Object (D10) profile and Appropriated Fund (D22) profile for use in preparing the State of Texas Annual Cash Report. This change is effective Aug. 4, 2022.


Portions of the State of Texas Annual Cash Report are compiled from data on the USAS financial tables using specific fields on the D10 profile to identify cash report activity. However, there is not a field that identifies revenue objects related to federal activity, which is presented in the cash report, Table 5: Federal Revenue by Function and Program Category and Table 6: Federal Revenue by Agency. Therefore, manual analysis is required to determine the federal activity.

Additionally, the cash report is presented at the appropriated fund level by type of fund, such as general revenue, special revenue, trust or non-trust. Because there is not a field on the D22 profile to readily identify the appropriated fund type, classifying the funds for cash report presentation also requires manual analysis.


Using profile field values to identify federal revenue activity and appropriated fund type eliminates the need for manual analysis, creating time-savings and greater data-gathering efficiency for compiling the cash report.
To implement this solution, the following changes were made to the D10 and D22 profiles:

Note: The new field titles were not updated on the corresponding profile tables. To obtain the new indicator values, query the profile tables as follows:

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