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ACR 60100 – USAS System Change
Aug. 11, 2017


Application Change Request (ACR) 60100 for the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) prevents the issuance of a payment initiated by T-code 268 (interagency payment to local funds) when the system-generated interagency transactions cannot be created due to an invalid Recurring Transaction Profile (55). This change is effective Aug. 11, 2017.


ITV T-code 268 generates:

  • Interagency transactions for the transaction (paying) and RTI (receiving) agencies
  • A payment out of the State Treasury that can be deposited to a local fund

The payment (warrant or direct deposit) is issued even if USAS cannot create the system-generated interagency transactions. This circumstance occurs when the RTI (receiving) agency inactivates, deletes or alters the effective start or end dates on the applicable Recurring Transaction Profile (55) screen after the T-code 268 transaction posts the accrual but before the payment due date entered on the T-code 268 transaction.


A discrepancy between the cash balance in USAS and the cash balance in the State Treasury results when the payment is issued but the system-generated interagency transactions are not processed. In addition, the proper accounting effects (reduction of the accrual and increase in cash expenditures) are not recorded in USAS. This situation requires the manual processing of interagency transactions into USAS by CPA central staff.


An edit has been implemented in USAS that prevents the issuance of an ITV-related payment if the generated interagency transactions cannot be created.

If the 55 profile is not valid at the time of payment generation:

  • USAS generates error code FPJ – RTI Profile Invalid on the originating ITV transaction
  • The originating ITV transaction remains on the paying agency’s IT file in P-Y-4 status
  • The failure is reported on the new DAFR360B Recurring Transaction Error Report

For these failed transactions, the paying agency must contact the receiving agency and request that the 55 profile be corrected to allow the ITV transaction to complete processing. Because the transaction is in P-Y-4 status, the batch does not need to be re-released.

USAS verifies the 55 profile during each overnight cycle and, once the profile is valid, USAS issues the payment and creates the interagency transactions.

If the receiving agency indicates that the payment must be made using a different RTI number, the paying agency must:

To allow for consistent processing for all interagency transactions, the DAFR360B and FPJ error code generates for all ITV transactions that fail to produce the generated interagency transactions, regardless of the T-code entered on the initiating ITV transaction.

If multiple transaction number profiles are established for the same RTI number and one or more of the transaction number profiles are invalid, additional reports are generated:

  • DAFR3761 Recurring Transaction Error Report for ITVs — produced for interagency transactions generated from T-code 268.
  • DAFR3751 Recurring Transaction Error Report for ITVs — produced for interagency transactions generated from all other T-codes.

New Report

DAFR360B Recurring Transaction Error Report

Screens/Processes Affected


For More Information

For further assistance with processing ITV payments, contact your agency’s appropriation control officer.

Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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