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System Change Tracker: SPRS ACRs by Date

[SPRS ACRs by ACR Number]

ACR 60188

SPRS: ERS Deductions and State Match Codes

ACR 60135

SPRS: CSA Deductions

ACR 44755

SPRS: ERS 90-Day Wait Change

ACR 44675

SPRS: ERS Dental Discount

ACR 43304

SPRS: Payee Number Conversion Phase 3

ACR 44033

SPRS: Employer Paid Retirement Contribution

ACR 42683

SPRS: Payee Number Conversion Preparation Phase 2

ACR 31042

SPRS: Nightly Comma-delimited File of Exception Messages

ACR 30677

SPRS: Tobacco User Premium Differential and Roth Deduction Codes

ACR 30754

SPRS: Personal Information Protection for Certain OAG Employees

ACR 30697

SPRS: Confidentiality of Emergency Contact Information Field

ACR 30654

SPRS: Payroll Health Insurance Contribution Deduction

ACR 30715

SPRS: LIS RC 048 Rate at Agencies 537 and 539

ACR 30648

SPRS: What Prints on a Deduction Warrant

ACR 30029

SPRS: 401(k) Process
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