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For assistance with payments, vendors should call the paying agency listed on the Paying Agency Contact List. If you need help determining which agency to contact or have other questions:

  • Email or
  • Call the Comptroller’s Payment Services Help Line at (512) 936-8138 or toll-free (800) 531-5441, ext. 6-8138.

Other Resources

Texas Identification Number

The Comptroller’s office uses the Texas Identification Number (TIN) to track and process all payments made to a payee.

  • When you start doing business with the state or receive any other state payment for the first time, please complete an Application for Texas Identification Number (AP-152) (login required) PDF
  • If you are a sole business owner, individual recipient or individual partner of a partnership, you must submit a:
    • Social Security number (SSN) or
    • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) issued by the Internal Revenue Service to individuals who are required to have a U.S. taxpayer identification number but not eligible to obtain an SSN.
  • You must submit an Employer Identification Number (EIN) issued by the Internal Revenue Service for a business, including two partners for a partnership. Each partner may be an individual or a business.

    Note: Foreign entities without a SSN, ITIN or EIN need to contact the paying state agency for a Comptroller-assigned number.

  • A state agency representative can complete the form for you. If you complete the form yourself, please return the completed application to the agency issuing the payment.
  • If you are not sure whether you already have a TIN, the state agency will check for you.

Note: Do you use an SSN or ITIN to access your state payment information? The Comptroller’s office has assigned you a random 11-digit number that begins with 7 to protect your personal information. Please see more information on the Set Up Account Access help page.

Mail codes

All vendors/payees have at least one mail code. You should have only one TIN; however, you can have multiple mail codes. The mail codes represent different mailing addresses or direct deposit instructions.

If you want to have direct deposit instructions for more than one bank account or your business has more than one mailing address to receive payments, contact the state agency you are doing business with to set up the appropriate mail codes.

Note: If you have multiple mail codes, be sure to include the correct mail code with your TIN on each invoice so the agency will know how to send payment.

For more information

If you need help completing the TIN application, please:

  • Email or
  • Call the Comptroller’s Payment Services Help Line at (512) 936-8138 or toll-free (800) 531-5441, ext. 6-8138.
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