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Promote National Direct Deposit Month

May is Direct Deposit Month, a yearly reminder that direct deposit payments save the state money and offer a safe, convenient method of payment to the payees of the state.

Direct Deposit Month also serves as a reminder of the safety and convenience of direct deposit starts with each state agency’s practice of due diligence to protect your agency and your customers. For example, the Payee Number Conversion project removed the SSN as a key identifier in payee numbers, and the Direct Deposit Authorization form now requires payees to provide both the current and new direct deposit information when requesting changes.

For more information, see Promoting Direct Deposit in TexPayment Resources.

Fiscal 2018 Payroll Due Dates and Direct Deposit Schedule Posted

For state agencies and institutions of higher education, the payroll due date for monthly and twice-monthly payrolls is no later than the seventh workday before payday.

Submitting your payrolls to the Comptroller’s office on or before the due dates assures adequate processing time for direct deposits and warrant distribution.

See Payroll Due Dates and Direct Deposit Schedules (FPP E.030) for more information, including the fiscal 2018 payroll due dates and direct deposit schedule.

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Payment Services 90-Day Calendar

5/29/2017  Federal Holiday -
No USAS Cycle
 No Warrant Pickup
 Warrants from
5/26 Cycle
Available 5/30
5/31/2017   Deadline for Claiming Agency Unclaimed Property Before it is Swept into GR
6/19/2017  State Holiday -
Regular USAS
 Warrant Pickup Available
7/4/2017  Federal Holiday -
No USAS Cycle
 No Warrant Pickup
 Warrants from
7/3 Cycle
Available 7/5

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