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Payment Services/Texas Identification Number System (TINS)

What’s New

TINS Application to Report Indebtedness

State agencies and institutions of higher education reporting state debts to TINS must semiannually review contact information for each assigned hold reason code. If the information displayed on the TINS Agency Hold Reason Inquiry (RSNINQ) screen requires updates, submit a separate Application to Report Indebtedness form for each hold reason code requiring updates. See Application to Report Indebtedness on TexPayment Resource for the form and more information.

Contact Payment Services with questions.

Fiscal Year-End Close Schedule

See the 2024 Master Schedule of Year-End Close Events, which includes:

  • Processing deadlines.
  • Support contacts.
  • System maintenance dates and times.

System Change Tracker

ACR 60608

Unmask Account Numbers on DDEP

ACR 60027

DDEP Web Application

ACR 60547

Implements New Edits and Enhancements

General System Availability