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Payment Services/Texas Identification Number System (TINS)

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Direct Deposit Checklist

State agencies and institutions of higher education should follow the Direct Deposit Checklist before setting up, changing or cancelling direct deposit instructions.

If your agency creates its own online direct deposit authorization or custom form, Payment Services must approve your agency’s form before it is implemented. See Approval Required for Alternative Methods.

Fiscal 2023 Payroll Due Dates and Direct Deposit Schedule

For state agencies and institutions of higher education, the monthly and twice-monthly payrolls are due by the seventh workday before payday.

Submitting payrolls to the Comptroller’s office on or before the due dates ensures adequate processing time for direct deposits and warrant distribution.

See Payroll Due Dates and Direct Deposit Schedules (FPP E.030) for more information, including the fiscal 2023 payroll due dates and direct deposit schedule.

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