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Reminder – New Local Funds Reporting Requirements Due Nov. 30

Due to new 2018–19 GAA requirements, any state agency that receives, spends or administers revenue held outside the state treasury (local funds) is required to submit financial data on those funds to the Comptroller’s office.

Fiscal 2016–19 report data must be submitted by Nov. 30, 2018, using the new Excel reporting spreadsheet provided in Requirements for Local Operating Funds and Associated Local Funds (FPP S.009).

For more, see Additional reporting requirements per the GAA (Art. IX, Sec. 17.09) in Agency Requirements of FPP S.009.

2018 State of Texas Annual Cash Report Available

The State of Texas Annual Cash Report for fiscal year 2018 is now available. The report presents the state’s financial condition and details revenues and expenditures on a cash basis, as required by Government Code, Section 403.013.


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