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RTI End Dates

Reminder: when coding on the USAS Recurring Transaction Profile (55), do not set an effective end date until after Sept. 26 on certain recurring transaction indexes (RTIs) used during the interagency reconciliation process for the annual financial report (AFR).

Interagency transaction vouchers (ITVs) must process successfully during the interagency reconciliation process for the AFR. An RTI (receiving) agency that sets an effective end date on the 55 profile will prevent a transaction (paying) agency from processing any ITV transactions past that effective end date.

Agencies should leave the effective end dates on RTIs blank unless there is an explicit need to include one.

See RTI Tables for Interfund/Interagency Transactions and the ITV/RTI Process USAS FAQs for more information.

Reminder – Systems Unavailable During Year-End Close

The USAS annual cash-basis close for fiscal 2022 occurs Aug. 31.

The fiscal year-end close process requires shutting down the statewide fiscal systems. See Master Schedule of Year-End Close Events for more information, including:

  • Processing deadlines.
  • System maintenance dates and times.
  • Support contacts.


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