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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

Interfund Activity

RTI Tables for Interfund/Interagency Transactions

Agencies are required to use an RTI for transfers of funds between agencies when both funds are within the state treasury and for transfers between agencies with funds outside the state treasury. RTI tables 1 through 13 present the RTI T-codes available in USAS for various interfund/interagency activities. Most RTI T-codes record the accrual of interfund/interagency activity for both the disbursing and the receiving agency.

For RTIs used during the interagency reconciliation process for the AFR, do not set an effective end date on the Recurring Transaction Profile (55) screen until after the completion of the interagency reconciliation process (Sept. 26). Users should either leave the EFF END DATE field blank or enter that field with a date of Sept. 27 or later.

When backdated ITV transactions process, the accruals post to the prior fiscal year and the liquidations/reversals post to the current fiscal year. The 55 screen must be valid for both fiscal years so the ITV process can complete. An RTI (receiving) agency that sets an effective end date in the prior fiscal year on the 55 screen prevents a transaction/paying agency from being able to process backdated ITV transactions because the 55 screen is not valid in the current fiscal year.

For example, an RTI agency sets an effective end date of Aug. 31 on its 55 screen. A paying agency attempts to process an ITV with this RTI on Sept. 2 with a transaction effective date of Aug. 31. The paying agency’s originating ITV transaction will process, but the system-generated ITV transactions will fail because they have an effective date of Sept. 2, and the RTI profile is not valid past Aug. 31.