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Reporting Requirements for Annual Financial Reports of State Agencies and Universities

Global Certification

Global Certification


Each agency is required to ensure and certify that its financial data is accurate and correctly reflects its agency’s financial position as of Aug. 31, 20CY. There is a three level certification completed through the CAFR Note Reporting & Certification ( CNRC ) web application.

The three levels of certification are:

  1. Disclosure:
    • Verifies that all applicable web applications have been certified — looks for uncertified USAS data
    • Indicates a status of either “Has Disclosure” or “Not Applicable”
  2. USAS:
    • Certifies all USAS data
    • Certifies all interagency balances
    • Requires certification of disclosure level
  3. Global: Requires certification of disclosures and USAS levels to finalize certification

Once certified, the web application assigns the date and time to the USAS certification.

Prior to the deadline, the agency may request Financial Reporting Section to un-certify its submission to allow for additional information entry, either as:

  • A note disclosure in the other web applications
  • An additional USAS entry

Once the change has been made, the agency may re-certify.

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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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