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Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS)

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Reminder – See Dates for Annual Encumbrance Certification and Automated Lapsing

By Oct. 30 each year, state agencies and institutions of higher education must lapse appropriation balances that exceed the level needed to satisfy outstanding binding encumbrances and/or payables. All agencies must also submit the online annual certification by Oct. 30. (Sept. 30 is the recommended due date for simplified reporting agencies to lapse appropriation balances and submit annual certifications.)

An automatic lapse program will run in USAS as early as the Nov. 1 nightly cycle to lapse all unencumbered nonconstruction appropriation balances for all prior appropriation years.

See Encumbrance Report and Lapsing of Appropriations (APS 018) (FPP A.019) for details.

Comply With USAS and CAPPS Invoice Number and Description Requirements

USAS and CAPPS transaction entry screens allow state agencies and institutions of higher education to enter payment-related information in the invoice number and description fields.

Agencies and institutions must never enter confidential or sensitive information such as complete or partial Social Security numbers or information covered by the Protected Health Information Prohibition.

See USAS and CAPPS Financials Invoice Number Field Requirements (FPP E.023) for more information and to review your agency’s procedures for compliance with field requirements.

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