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Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS)

What’s New

Payables and Binding Encumbrances Due

State agencies and institutions of higher education must report payables and binding encumbrances for second quarter fiscal 2021 appropriations by March 30 to the Comptroller’s office.

Quarterly certification must be entered in the online form.

See Encumbrance Report and Lapsing of Appropriations (APS 018) (FPP A.019) for more information.

Upgrade BlueZone Web-to-Host by June 1

All customers using BlueZone Web-to-Host 5.2 must upgrade to the latest version, 7.1, by June 1, when the current version will be decommissioned on Comptroller systems. See Requirements for Transmitting Comptroller Information (FPP N.007) (login required) for more information and installation instructions.

Agencies and institutions may also use other TN3270E emulation software equivalent to BlueZone. See Alternative Emulator Configuration Settings (login required) in FPP N.007 or contact information technology support at your agency or institution for help.

General System Availability


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