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Appropriations Forms (Alphabetical)

Some of the forms listed below are interactive PDF files, which have functionality that works best using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Internet browsers and other viewers may open these files, but these interactive forms will not function fully as intended. For full functionality of these interactive forms, download and install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader then open and complete these forms using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Form Name Number Description
Benefit Voucher Data Worksheet (Excel) -- Used by agencies and institutions to submit for data entry budget documents with completed batch headers to receive budget to pay for employees’ benefit payments for the new appropriation year per Accounting Policy Statement (APS) 019.
Budget Revision PDF 73-181 Used by agencies to set up and make corrections to original budgets (when authority exists), to make budget transfers between direct strategies, to move a budget from one year to another and to lapse funds according to Accounting Policy Statement (APS) 018.
Journal Voucher PDF 73-180 Used by agencies to correct non-payment-related transactions, process cash operating transfers and process adjustments.
Quarterly Certification of Binding Encumbrances/Payables

Annual Certification of Binding Encumbrances/Payables
-- Used by the chief fiscal officer or higher official for each agency to certify that the binding encumbrance and payable entries have processed in USAS for the first three quarters of the fiscal year and to certify that the binding encumbrance and payable entries have processed and all unobligated balances have been lapsed or brought forward for previous year appropriations (includes the fourth quarter of the previous appropriation year) per APS 018.