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Annual Certification of Binding Encumbrances/Payables

Binding Encumbrances and Payables Certification of Previous Year Appropriations as of Aug. 31, 2024

Note: The chief fiscal officer or higher official for each agency must approve and submit all APS 018 certifications.

All fields are required — Please see the instructions in APS 018.

I certify that the binding encumbrances, payable entries, budget revisions and expenditure transfers have processed in USAS and all unobligated balances have been lapsed or brought forward, if authority exists as directed in Encumbrance Reporting and Lapsing of Appropriations (APS 018).

Do you have Lapsed or Unexpended Balances?
  Certification due by Oct. 30
(The recommended due date for GR Consolidated agencies is Sept. 30.)

Note: Submitting the online form sends the certification to the Comptroller’s office, the SAO and the LBB. You will receive a confirmation page that can be saved as a PDF or copied and pasted into a document for your records.