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Accounting Policy Meetings

Updated: Apr. 29, 2024

About Us

Accounting Policy meetings are established to:

  • Provide a forum for agencies and institutions of higher education to discuss policies and procedures established by the Fiscal Management Division and provide implementation guidance.
  • Provide agencies and institutions the opportunity to receive additional, timely content for selected policies and procedures from Fiscal Management staff.
  • Discuss modifications and enhancements made to certain policies and procedures to enhance efficiency and minimize administrative burden for agencies and institutions.
  • Enhance communication between the Comptroller’s office and accounting policy users.

With ongoing support from the Comptroller’s office and user agencies, the Accounting Policy meetings strive to provide a forum for sharing information about policy changes prompted by legislation, external pronouncements or user needs. Attendees include staff involved in accounting-related issues for state agencies and institutions of higher education.

Who’s Invited?

You are! If you work with statewide accounting systems or are involved with accounting-related policy and issues, or just want to learn what’s new, all you need to do is show up. The Accounting Policy meetings are a great opportunity to meet your colleagues, share information and receive additional information from Fiscal Management staff on complex financial and fund accounting issues.

Please register in advance.

Help Us Improve Your Meetings

Email your suggestions for future meeting topics as well as suggestions for making the Accounting Policy meetings useful to your agency or institution.

For budget topics, send your topic suggestions to
For financial reporting topics, send your topic suggestions to