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Guide to Purchase and Travel Resources

This website was created to help state agencies and state officers and employees comply with the travel laws enacted by the Legislature. It provides guidelines on meals, lodging and transportation reimbursements for state employees who travel. Information on voucher and documentation requirements and appropriate travel object codes are included.
This website provides information to state agencies and institutions of higher education on how to properly carry out purchase transactions while complying with certain provisions of the constitution, statutes and rules of Texas related to expenditures.
Prompt Payment and Payment Scheduling tabs in eXpendit
Also see eXpendit for details on the Comptroller's policies for computation and payment of interest as well as payment scheduling instructions.
Comptroller Manual of Accounts
The Comptroller Object Codes: Expenditures link provides a comprehensive list of all comptroller expenditure object codes (COBJs). The link also allows custom view listing of the codes by category and alphabetically by the title of the purchase, which can both be helpful when you are determining what object code to use for a particular purchase. Once you have found the purchase either by identifying the category it falls in or by finding its title in the alphabetical list, you can view the full detail of the code to determine if it is the most appropriate choice for that particular expenditure.

The Web-based Texas Comptroller Manual of Accounts also features:
  • Easy navigation with links to descriptions of agencies, funds, accounts, revenues and expenditures.
  • Legal citations that link to referenced statutes.
  • Real-time updates — users can subscribe to receive update notifications.
Fiscal Policies and Procedures (FPPs)
This is a comprehensive list of all Fiscal Management policies and procedures including procedure manuals and policy guides. The lists are sorted alphabetically, chronologically, numerically and by topic.
Accounting Policy Statements
These statements provide information on special accounting events. Examples of these events include, but are not limited to, the transfer of funds from one agency to another or from one fund to another, reimbursements for employee benefit costs, and information on travel advance and petty cash accounts.
This is an informational email composed by the Expenditure Assistance section. It provides agencies with the most recent purchase and travel information and training opportunities available. Subscribe to Spotlight.
Expenditure Assistance section
Expenditure Assistance's number one goal is to ensure the most outstanding customer service possible. Purchase and travel related questions from agencies are always welcomed. Please refer to the Travel and Purchase Contact List to find your agency's personal contact member in the Expenditure Assistance section. Please remember that when your individual contact person is unavailable, you may call the rotary line at (512) 475-0966 and speak with another friendly Expenditure Assistance member.