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SPA Process User’s Guide – Chapter 3 – Navigation

Mainframe Security Profiles and Access to SPA T-codes (Screens)

T-code Function SPA01 SPA02 SPA03 SPA04 SPA05 SPA06 SPA07 SPA08
PAACQU Update Property in Suspense U   U          
PAAGIN Agency Information C              
PAAVAL Update Financial Information U              
PACERT Certification of Physical Inventory C              
PACLAS Class Code Inquiry I/C I I I I I   I
PADEBT Debt Financed Inquiry I I I I   I   I
PADGSC Advertise Surplus U   U U U      
PADISP Disposed Property Inquiry I I I I I I I I
PADLET Disposal of Property U     U U      
PADPRE Update Depreciation U              
PADUPD Update Surplus Property U   U U U      
PAFHST Financial History Inquiry I I I I I I   I
PAGOVT Governing Agencies I/C I I I I I   I
PAHIST Non-Financial History Inquiry I I I I   I    
PAIVAL Property Financial Data I I I I   I    
PALOCA Location of Property I I I I   I    
PALUPD Update Location U   U     U    
PAMSTR Update Debt Financed U   U          
PANCHG Change Property Number U   U          
PANDIT Update News Display I/C I I I I I I I
PANEWS News Display I I I I I I I I
PAPADD Add Property U   U   U      
PAPMGR Assign User Access I I I I I I I C
PAPPFY Add Prior Year Property U   U   U      
PAPROP Existing Property I I I I   I I I
PAPUPD Update Property U   U          
PARCVR Recover Deleted Property UP              
PARFEX Order Extract Download U U U U U U   I
PARRPT Order Reports U U U U U U   I
PARXER Receive Transfers U   U          
PASERS Serial Number/Description Search I I I I I I   I
PATOTS Property Totals I I I I I I   I
PATRAN Transfer Property U     U U      
PAUCLA Class Code Detail I/C              
PAUDIS Update Inactive Property U     U U      
PAUERR Update Error Code I/C              
PAUHDM Update Hard Disposal Methods UP              
PAUSER Search User Access I I I I I I I I
PAUVAL Update Fund Value U              
PAVRPT Reports Requested I I I I I I   I
I Inquiry Only
U Update Capability
C Only Comptroller can update
UP Only Property Manager can update

Application Security Codes

The Comptroller’s office assigns one of the following application security codes to establish an appropriate access level:

Code Description
0 User maintains SPA data for a single agency.
1 User maintains SPA data for multiple agencies.
C Comptroller’s office employee who maintains/tests the SPA system and/or assigns Designated Title Codes. Title codes are used to identify the user’s level of authority and/or responsibility.
Title Code Description
A Alternate Property Manager
D Data Services
F SPA Functional Staff
H Agency Head
I Internal Audit
P Property Manager
S Security Coordinator
T Trainer
U User (no responsibility for agency property)

Deleting a User

The security coordinator and the property manager must use the following procedure to delete agency users who no longer have agency responsibilities in SPA.

1 The property manager submits the employee’s name and user ID to the security coordinator.
2 The security coordinator submits a request for the deletion of a user’s access to the Comptroller’s office.

SPA Security Report

To receive a list of an agency’s SPA users and their levels of security, contact the agency security coordinator.

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