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State Property Accounting Security

SPA provides users access to their agency’s data through two levels of security: mainframe access security and application security.

Mainframe access security is profile-based and allows agency personnel varying access to SPA screens/transaction codes (T-codes).

Application security establishes single or multiple agency relationships between state agencies.

The two security levels are interdependent and require close coordination between the agency’s security coordinator and property manager. If you need security assistance, contact your agency security coordinator.

Mainframe Access Security

Mainframe access security provides agency personnel with access to the SPA mainframe application. Access is initiated when an agency employee contacts their property manager who then makes a local request to their agency security coordinator. The agency security coordinator requests access to SPA from the Comptroller’s office.

Agency personnel who need access to SPA should consult with their agency’s property manager to determine the level of mainframe access security that best meets the needs of the agency and the user. The property manager and security coordinator should consider the following:

  • Access needs of the person to be added or modified
  • Segregation of responsibilities within the agency

The agency’s property manager and security coordinator should take the following steps to request the appropriate mainframe access for agency personnel.


  1. The property manager determine the user’s SPA security level by selecting one of the following mainframe access security profiles:
    SPA 1 All agency screens. Highest security level.
    SPA 2 Inquiry screens only. Lowest security level.
    SPA 3 Add property; add surplus; receive transfers; update surplus, debt-finance, location and property in suspense.
    SPA 4 All deletes, includes transfers and surplus. All inquiry.
    SPA 5 All deletes. News and report inquiry.
    SPA 6 All inquiry. Update location of property only.
    SPA 7 For use by Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) staff only.
    SPA 8 Applications Security Group.

    The chart on the next page depicts the T-codes/Screen IDs available with each type of mainframe security profile. All profiles can order reports.

  2. The property manager submits the following information to the agency security coordinator:
    • the employee’s name and telephone number
    • the employee’s Comptroller user ID (if established)
    • the mainframe access security profile
    • whether the access is for a single or multiple agencies (and which agencies)
    • whether the employee is a property manager, alternate property manager or neither
  3. The agency security coordinator submits a request to the Comptroller’s office.

    Note: Certain users may require access to electronic file transfer (EFT) for SPA. When this is the case, the agency security coordinator can include FTP in the request.

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