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SPA Process User’s Guide
Chapter 7 – Transferring Property

Transferring Property from External to Internal Agencies

Note: External agencies are institutions of higher education not reporting to SPA. Internal agencies are all state agencies and those institutions of higher education using the SPA system or reporting to SPA via batch. Please refer to the Internal/External SPA Institutions of Higher Education List and notify your SPA analyst if your agency’s status is incorrect.

The External Transfer Out (PAPEXT) screen allows an external SPA agency to enter a transfer property into the SPA system for transfer to an internal SPA agency. This is an overnight transaction process. This process is not available in batch. Line one navigation is not available on this screen.

Note: See also Transferring or Receiving Property from External to External Agencies. Transfers between two external agencies cannot be entered into SPA.

Once receipt of a property in pending transfer is processed by the receiving agency (i.e., the transfer is complete), the successfully transferred property cannot be disposed in SPA as entered in error (DM27). If the property was successfully transferred in error, contact your SPA analyst for assistance.

Note: The sending agency will choose the effective date (also known as the transfer date or disposal date). For accounting purposes, this date will also be the effective date on the receiving agency’s records. The sending agency can update the effective date but only while the transfer is still pending.

Procedure (For External Agencies to Complete by Sept. 20)

  1. Access the External Transfer Out (PAPEXT) screen on the Main Menu (PAMENU).
  2. Verify the agency number in the AGENCY field. The SPA system automatically defaults to the user’s agency number. If data is maintained for more than one agency, a different agency number may be entered by typing over the system-generated number.
  3. Enter the property number in the PROPERTY field.

    Note: If the error message Property/CPNT Exists, Press F9 to Delete appears, press F9 to delete the transaction and then enter the property number with a T as the first digit. For example, if the asset number is 0000000000, enter T000000000.

  4. Enter the component number in the COMPONENT field.
  5. Enter the receiving agency’s number in the XFERTO AGY field.
  6. Press Enter.
  7. Enter the in-service date in the IN-SERVICE DATE field in the MM-DD-YYYY format.
  8. Enter the transfer date in the TRANSFER DATE field in the MM-DD-YYYY format. The transfer date must correspond to the current/open fiscal year and the transfer date must be greater than the in-service date.

    Note: Remember to assign the correct transfer date during the two-month period in SPA where both the Current Fiscal Year and the Prior Fiscal Year may be transacted (Sept. 3 to Oct. 20). See SPA Fiscal Year-End Close Process (FPP N.008) for valid effective dates.

  9. Enter the property description in the DESCRIPTION field.
  10. Enter the acquisition cost in the ACQUISITION COST field.

    Note: The system reads an entry of 100 as $100.00.

  11. Enter the proceeds from sale in the PROCEEDS FROM SALE field. (This field is optional.)
  12. Enter the class code in the CLASS CODE field.

    Note: This entry must be a valid code. For a list of valid class codes, reference Appendix A.

  13. Enter the useful life in the USEFUL LIFE field (must be greater than zero).
  14. Enter the residual percent in the RESIDUAL % field. (Required, but defaults to the valid value of zero.)
  15. Enter the serial number in the SERIAL # field. (This field is optional.)
  16. Enter a comment in the COMMENT field. (This field is optional.)
  17. Press Enter. The message Property Has Been Added is displayed.