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SPA Process User’s Guide – Chapter 7 – Transferring Property

Receiving Transferred Property Except for External to External Agencies

Note: External agencies are institutions of higher education not reporting to SPA. Internal agencies are all state agencies and those institutions of higher education using the SPA system or reporting to SPA via batch. Please refer to the Internal/External SPA Institutions of Higher Education List and notify your SPA analyst if your agency’s status is incorrect.

The Receive Transfer Property (PARXER) screen allows internal and external agencies to receive transferred property in the following instances:

  • Internal agency receiving a transfer from an internal agency
  • Internal agency receiving a transfer from an external agency
  • External agency receiving a transfer from an internal agency

For a transfer between two internal SPA agencies or a transfer from an internal to an external agency, the property must already be maintained on the SPA system. For a transfer from an external agency to an internal agency, the external agency must first enter the transfer on the External Transfer Out (PAPEXT) screen. The transfer is processed immediately and the property is added to the receiving agency’s data.

Note: See also Transferring or Receiving Property From External to External Agencies. Transfers between two external agencies cannot be entered into SPA.

The historical value of a property received in transfer cannot be altered. Therefore, value increases and decreases to the historical cost of the transferred component are not permitted. Value can be added to a property received in transfer by adding a new component to the property.

Once receipt of a property in pending transfer is processed by the receiving agency (i.e. the transfer is complete), the successfully transferred property cannot be disposed in SPA as entered in error (DM27). If the property was successfully transferred in error, contact your SPA analyst for assistance.

Note: The sending agency will choose the effective date (also known as the transfer date or disposal date). For accounting purposes, this date will also be the effective date on the receiving agency’s records. The sending agency can update the effective date only while the transfer is still pending.

Procedure (For External and Internal Agencies to Complete by Sept. 20)

  1. Access the Receive Transfers screen (PARXER) on the Main Menu.
  2. Tab to the first outstanding property record the agency is accepting. Enter R to receive the property record.
  3. Enter the new property number assigned to this property in the NEW PROPERTY NO field.
  4. Enter the component number in the CPNT NO field.
  5. Enter the agency fund number in the FUND field.

    Note: Steps 7 through 9 are required for internal agencies only.

  6. Enter the last name of the responsible person in the LAST NAME field.
  7. Enter the first name of the responsible person in the FIRST NAME field.
  8. Enter the location of the property in the LOCATION 1 field.
  9. Tab to the next outstanding property record the agency is ready to receive. Repeat steps 2 through 9.

    Note: Any of the outstanding transferred property records may be selected and received. Other transfers may be left on the screen and the transfer completed at a later date. Additional outstanding transferred property records may be viewed by pressing F8 to scroll to the next page.

  10. Press Enter. The message Receive (01, 02, 03, etc.) Property (Y/N) appears.
  11. Enter Y and press Enter to complete the transfer. The message Transfer Complete appears.
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