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SPA Process User’s Guide
Chapter 6 – Deleting Property and Funds

Disposal Method 05 (Surplus/Enter in TFC Surplus Process)

The Surplus Property Process (PADGSC) screen allows agencies to enter an asset into the surplus property process administered by the Texas Facilities Commission (TFC). TFC is responsible for the disposal of surplus and salvage property of the state.

Eleemosynary institutions, institutions of higher education, legislative institutions and some state agencies are exempt by law from the TFC surplus property process (See Chapter 2), but have the option to use the process if they choose to advertise their property on the TFC Surplus Property website.

Property entered on the PADGSC screen is assigned system generated disposal method DM05. This is the first step to enter the property in the TFC Surplus Process. DM05 is a temporary soft disposal code. The asset will remain in a DM05 only until that night’s processing when the DM05 will be automatically updated to DM06 and sent on a file to TFC. Agencies can only remove an asset from the surplus process while it is in DM05. Once the disposal method is converted to DM06, the asset is locked and can only be updated or removed from the process by TFC. Contact TFC for any questions or help with an asset that is in DM06.

To remove an asset from the surplus process while it is in DM05:

  • Access the Disposal of Property (PADLET) screen
  • Space through DM05
  • Press enter
  • The message Delete Surplus Information? Press PF4 to continue -or- PF5 to cancel appears
  • Press PF4 and the message Information has been updated appears

If changes need to be made to surplus information while the asset is in DM05, follow the steps above to remove the asset from surplus and then re-enter the asset with the correct information on the Surplus Property Process screen. If corrections need to be made after an asset has updated to DM06, contact TFC for assistance.


The following procedure explains how to advertise single or multiple properties.

  1. Access the Surplus Property Process (PADGSC) screen option on the Main Menu.
  2. Enter the agency number, property number and component number in the corresponding fields.
  3. Press Enter. The COND/CLASS CD and SURPLUS DESCRIPTION fields are populated by the system.

    Note: Notice that the NEXT PROPERTY/COMPONENT field now appears on the screen.

  4. The table below explains how to enter single or multiple properties.
    If you are entering… then…
    a single property, leave the NEXT PROPERTY/COMPONENT field blank.
    multiple properties, enter the property number for the next property to be advertised in the NEXT PROPERTY/COMPONENT field.
  5. Enter the date you want to begin advertising the property.
  6. Enter the name of the contact person in the CONTACT PERSON field.
  7. Enter the name of the sale person in the SALE PERSON field.
  8. Enter the contact person’s telephone number in the PHONE NUMBER field beneath the CONTACT PERSON field.
  9. Enter the sale person’s telephone number in the PHONE NUMBER field beneath the SALE PERSON field.
  10. Enter Y (for yes) or N (for no) in the APP REQ IND field to indicate if an appointment is required to view the surplus property. (The system defaults to Y.)
  11. Enter the sale person’s fax number, if applicable, in the FAX NUMBER field.
  12. Enter the SERIAL #, if applicable. This field is required on specific asset class codes.
  13. Enter the asking price of the property in the ASKING PRICE field. (This field is optional, TFC generally sets the asking price.)
  14. Make necessary changes to the condition code field.
  15. Enter the physical location of the property in the SURP LOCATION field.

    Note: Include the applicable inspection hours, the street address and the city. For example: 8 a.m. – Noon and 1–3 p.m. at 123 Avenue B, Austin.

  16. Update the description in the SURP DESCRIPT field to provide an accurate description of the property. (The description may be up to eight 50-byte lines, a total of 400 bytes.)

    Examples: Laptop computer, printer, filing cabinet, Ford 150 truck.

  17. Enter any necessary comments in the SURP COMMENT field.
  18. The table below explains how to complete the process of advertising a single or multiple properties.
    If you are advertising… then…
    a single property, press Enter. The message Property/Component Surplused appears.
    multiple properties, Press F6 to surplus the first property. This also moves the property from the NEXT PROPERTY/COMPONENT field (which you entered in step 4) to the PROPERTY field and duplicates all other fields.

    The message Property ##### Surplused and Next Property ##### Ready for Update appears.

    Repeat this until all properties have been processed.

    Note: Be extremely careful to check all fields for accuracy, especially the DESCRIPTION and PRICE fields.

    Once the very last property number populates the PROPERTY NUMBER field, press Enter. The message Property/Component Surplused appears.