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SPA Process User’s Guide
Chapter 6 – Deleting Property and Funds

Disposal Method 28 (Property Damaged by Nature)

This disposal method is used to dispose of property damaged by an act of nature such as hurricane, tornado, lightening, or hail, for example.

SPA Procedure

  1. Access the Disposal of Property (PADLET) screen on the Main Menu.
  2. Enter the property and component number in the corresponding fields. Press Enter.
  3. Enter disposal method 28 in the DISPOSAL METHOD field. Press Enter.
  4. Enter the disposal date in the DISPOSAL DATE field (use MM-DD-YYYY format)
  5. Enter a comment in the COMMENT field (Required, use to indicate the act of nature)
  6. Enter proceeds from sale, if any (Optional, use XX.XX format)
  7. Press Enter. The message Press F4 To Continue Or F5 To Cancel appears.
  8. Press F4. The message Information Has Been Deleted appears.