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SPA Process User’s Guide
Chapter 6 – Deleting Property and Funds

Disposal of Surplus Property Not in SPA (ZZ property)

Non-capitalized or controlled property not on the SPA system can be entered in the TFC surplus process on SPA using the following procedures:


  1. Access the Add Property (PAPADD) screen on the Main Menu.
  2. Verify the agency number in the AGENCY field. SPA automatically defaults to the user’s agency number. If data is maintained for more than one agency, a different agency number may be entered by typing over the system-generated number.
  3. Enter a dummy property number in the PROPERTY field. This dummy number must start with ZZ and be no more than ten characters long. For example: ZZ00000001.

    Note: ZZ property numbers do not show up on any SPA reports except Surplus Property Reports.

  4. Enter the component number in the COMPONENT field.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Enter the fund number.
  7. Enter the receipt date in the REC DATE field (using MM-DD-YYYY format). If the receipt date is not known, use the current date.
  8. Enter the effective date in the EFF DATE field (using MM-DD-YYYY format).

    Note: Do NOT enter a quantity greater than 1 or the asset will be rejected from the TFC inventory system. When entering a LOT of assets under one property number, report the quantity in the description field. For example, to surplus 9 chairs the description would be “LOT OF 9 CHAIRS”.

  9. Enter a description of the property in the 40-character DESCRIP field.
  10. Enter the class code in the CLA field.
  11. Enter 99 in the ACQ MD field. (ZZ property must have acquisition method 99)
  12. Enter the acquisition cost in the ACQ COST field. If you do not know the original cost, enter 1.00.
  13. Enter the current fiscal year in the FISC YR field.
  14. Enter a detailed description of the exact location of the property in the LOC 1 field. (Required for internal agencies only.)
  15. Enter the first name of the person responsible for the property in the RESP FIRST field.
  16. Enter the last name of the person responsible for the property in the LAST field.
  17. Press Enter. The message Information Has Been Added appears.
  18. Press F3 to return to the Main Menu.
  19. Access the Surplus Property Process screen (PADGSC) and follow the procedures for “Disposal Method 05 (Surplus)” in this chapter.