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SPA Process User’s Guide
Chapter 6 – Deleting Property and Funds

Disposal Method 31 and 32 (Completed and Pending Transfers from Internal to External Agency)

Disposal methods 31 and 32 are system-generated when an INTERNAL agency transfers property to an EXTERNAL agency.

Note: External agencies are institutions of higher education not reporting to SPA. Internal agencies are all state agencies and those institutions of higher education reporting to the SPA system. Please refer to the Internal/External SPA Institutions of Higher Education List.

See Chapter 7 for procedures regarding the transfer of property to another state agency.

  • Disposal method 31 – completed transfer. A property transferred from an internal agency (on PATRAN) that has been accepted by the EXTERNAL receiving agency (on PARXER). This code is system-generated.
  • Disposal method 32 – pending transfer. A property transfer initiated by an INTERNAL sending agency to an EXTERNAL receiving agency that has not yet been accepted by the EXTERNAL receiving agency. This code is system-generated.