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SPA Process User’s Guide
Chapter 6 – Deleting Property and Funds

Disposal of Property

The Disposal of Property (PADLET) screen allows agencies to delete property on the SPA system. Depending on the disposal method used, certain conditions may have to be met before the property can be deleted. See Appendix C for a listing of disposal methods.


  1. Access the Disposal of Property (PADLET) screen on the Main Menu.
  2. Verify the agency number in the AGENCY field. SPA automatically defaults to the user’s agency number. If data is maintained for more than one agency, a different agency number may be entered by typing over the system-generated number.
  3. Enter the property number in the PROPERTY field.
  4. Enter the component number in the COMPONENT field.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Tab to the DISPOSAL METHOD field and enter the appropriate disposal method.
  7. Press Enter. If a message appears at the bottom of the screen, refer to the procedures for the disposal method you are attempting to use.
  8. Enter the disposal date in the DISPOSAL DATE field (using MM-DD-YYYY format).
  9. Press Enter. For some disposal methods, Proceeds from Sale Value is required.
  10. Press Enter. The message Press F4 to Continue or F5 To Cancel appears. After you press F4, the message Information Has Been Deleted appears.