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SPA Process User’s Guide
Chapter 6 – Deleting Property and Funds

Disposal Method 16 (Disposal of Real Property)

This disposal method is used to delete real property such as land, buildings, infrastructure or facilities and other improvements sold or donated (via legislation) to an entity external to the state.

Real estate transactions may require the involvement of the General Land Office (GLO). If the legislature authorizes a real estate transaction involving real property owned or held in trust by the state, GLO takes possession and control of the property and negotiates and closes the real estate transaction on behalf of the state (Natural Resource Code, Section 31.158).

The GLO may not take possession and control of property under Chapter 2201 of the Texas Government Code if the state agency is ineligible to benefit from the Texas capital trust fund.

Upon notification by the GLO, a state agency initiates the transfer of property in SPA to the GLO. Proceeds from the real estate transaction are entered by the GLO and deposited into the Texas capital trust fund, unless the constitution dedicates the proceeds to another fund, or the enabling legislation ordering the real estate transaction stipulates otherwise.

SPA Procedure

  1. Access the Disposal of Property (PADLET) screen on the Main Menu.
  2. Enter the property and component number in the corresponding fields.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Enter 16 in the DISPOSAL METHOD field.
  5. Enter the disposal date in the DISPOSAL DATE field (using MM-DD-YYYY format).
  6. Press Enter. The message Disposal method requires a comment appears.
  7. Enter comment. The comment must indicate the legislation authorizing the sale.
  8. Press Enter. The message Proceeds From Sale Value Required appears.
  9. Enter proceeds amount, if any. If no proceeds, enter 0.
  10. Press Enter. The message Press F4 To Continue Or F5 To Cancel appears.
  11. Press F4. The message Information Has Been Deleted appears.