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SPA Process User’s Guide – Chapter 5 – Updating Property and Funds

Updating Fund Value

The Update Fund Value (PAUVAL) screen allows agencies to increase or decrease value at the entity fiscal year level for each fund and component by using only the amount of change. It shows total property component count, total property fund count and total property value. The screen also shows the new fund and component value when Enter is pressed.

The depreciable entity fiscal year(s) are now displayed for each fund in PAUVAL and listed in ascending order by fund and entity fiscal year. Both increases and decreases are available to be made at the fund/entity fiscal year levels that have value. However, increases only can be performed on fund records in the available entity fiscal year(s) determined by the agency open date (See Appendix F – “Data Dictionary”). To add value in a new depreciable entity fiscal year(s), a zero-value record is available to each fund for the aforementioned available entity fiscal year(s).

Additionally, this screen is used to remove invalid zero-value fund records when there is another fund for that component with value. See “Updating/Correcting a Fund” procedures.

Lastly, this screen has the ability to process multiple transactions at one time. The transactions must be processed per screen and are not saved if the user scrolls to another page in a property that spans multiple screens.

Note: A new fund can be added to a property number in the Update Financial Information (PAAVAL) screen. The reactivation of an inactive fund can be performed in this screen as well.


  1. Access the Update Fund Value (PAUVAL) screen on the Main Menu.
  2. Press Enter. The Update Fund Value screen appears. The system-generated agency number appears in the AGENCY field.
  3. Enter the property number to be updated in the PROPERTY field.
  4. Enter the component number in the COMPONENT field or leave the blank default to display all components.

    Note: The spacebar cannot be used to blank out the value in the COMPONENT field to display all components. Use the key set up for the Erase EOF function in the Keyboard Options found under Options -> Keyboard of the BlueZone session.

  5. Press Enter.
  6. In the A/D field, enter A to add value or D to decrease value on the line of the fund/entity fiscal year that you would like to increase or decrease.
  7. Enter the amount of the change in value in the AMT OF CHANGE field.
  8. Enter the effective date that the increase or decrease in value took place in the EFFECTIVE DATE field. The EFFECTIVE DATE must be within the available fiscal year(s) determined by the agency open date. Increases can only be performed on fund records in the entity fiscal year levels within this period while decreases can be done on both current and prior entity fiscal years.
  9. Press Enter. The message Press F4 to Update Information or F5 to Cancel appears.

    Note: The NEW FUND BALANCE and the TOT PROPERTY VALUE will reflect the change once the F4 is pressed.

  10. Press F4. The message Information Has Been Updated appears.

    Note: When there is more than one fund, a fund can be decreased to a value of zero (0), however, when you recall the property you see that the fund for the component has been removed from the property altogether. This is the proper procedure to inactivate inappropriate/invalid funds from the SPA system. The reactivation of an invalid fund can be performed on the Update Financial Information (PAAVAL) screen.

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