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SPA Process User’s Guide – Chapter 5 – Updating Property and Funds

Updating Property in Suspense

The Update Property In Suspense (PAACQU) screen allows agencies to update acquisition method and other information on property in suspense (Acquisition Method 13).

From fields that can be updated:

  • Acq Method
  • Eff Date (if acct. period is open)
  • Fund (can change fund amount only as you convert to an active property)
  • Acq Cost
  • Voucher No
  • Description
  • Cpnt Comment


  1. Access the Update Property in Suspense (PAACQU) screen on the Main Menu.
  2. Enter the property number in the PROPERTY field.
  3. Enter the component number in the COMPONENT field.
  4. Enter the effective date in the EFFECTIVE DATE field (using MM-DD-YYYY format).
  5. Enter the fund (if one exists) in the FUND field.

    Note: If the proper four-digit fund number is not used, the following error message appears: Property Accounting Record Not In Suspense. Before beginning, verify that the key information is correct in order to pull up the proper record.

  6. Change the acquisition method in the ACQ METHOD field.
  7. Press Enter.
  8. Make any necessary changes or corrections.

    Note: The system edits for proper new fund (must be a valid agency fund). Acquisition method 02 requires a comptroller object. Acquisition methods 05 and 09 require an appraisal method and acquisition method 08 requires the financial information on the screen be completed.

  9. Press Enter. The message Information Has Been Updated appears.

    Note: To verify that property is out of suspense, look at the Financial History screen. The action code should show an I to indicate initial setup of property.

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