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SPA Process User’s Guide – Chapter 4 – Adding Property and Funds

Adding Property Purchased with More Than One Fund

Sometimes multiple funds are used to pay for one property or components of a property. To allocate the cost of the property to the various funds, follow these procedures:

  1. Refer to the “Adding a New Property Record” procedure (enter the first fund and the amount allocated to that fund).
  2. Go to the Update Financial screen on the menu and key in the property number.
  3. Insert the new fund number you want to add and press Enter.
  4. Message Fund does not exist, Press F4 to Add Fund or F5 to cancel appears.
  5. Enter the acquisition method, the comptroller object code (if required), the fiscal year, acquisition cost and effective date in the appropriate fields.
  6. Press Enter to add the new fund.
  7. The message Fund Added appears.
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