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SPA Process User’s Guide – Chapter 4 – Adding Property and Funds

Adding Multiple Property Records

To avoid re-entering information on multiple records of the same asset type (i.e. – 10 IBM computers), the following procedures should be followed:

  1. Create a new property record using the normal procedure. Then, instead of pressing Enter to process the property record information, press F6. This step processes the record but maintains the information – leaving the PROPERTY and COMPONENT fields blank.
  2. Enter the next property number in the PROPERTY field. Enter the component number in the COMPONENT field. Tab to the remaining fields to make any changes.

    Note: When adding property records using F6, be sure every field properly reflects the correct information. Once F6 is pressed, the new record is added.

  3. Press F6 to process the new record with the updated fields.
  4. Continue to press F6 to create additional property records.
  5. Press Enter instead of F6 after entering the information on the last property record.
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