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SPA Process User’s Guide
Chapter 2 – General Policies

Transfer of Property


Agencies must follow Comptroller’s office rules and procedures regarding the accounting for and transferring of personal property between agencies, with or without reimbursement.

The property continues to be reported by the transferring agency until the receiving agency completes the transfer in SPA.

It is the responsibility of the transferring agency to ensure that the receiving agency acknowledges receipt of the property in the SPA system. The transferring agency should also maintain documentation to show the property was transferred to another agency. The suggested form on the following page can be used at the time of physical transfer. The suggested SPA Property Transfer Receipt form can be used at the time of physical transfer, but this is not a required form.

The historical value of a property received in transfer cannot be altered. Therefore, value increases and decreases to the historical cost of the transferred component are not permitted. Value can be added to a property received in transfer by adding a new component to the property.

Once receipt of a property in pending transfer is processed by the receiving agency (i.e. the transfer is complete), the successfully transferred property cannot be disposed in SPA as entered in error (DM27). If the property was successfully transferred in error, contact your SPA analyst for assistance.

When property has been purchased through the master lease financing program which has not been paid off, the Texas Public Finance Authority must approve any transfer in advance. The transfer must be done in a manner prescribed by that agency.

For more information on how to transfer property, see Transferring Property.

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