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SPA Process User’s Guide
Appendix B – Acquisition Methods

Acquisition Methods

Acquisition Methods (AM) are used in SPA for multiple purposes:

  • AM 01–03, 05, 08 – represent the property-funding source
  • AM 04, 09, 11, 13, 14, 99 – represent a specific asset classification

When adding property to SPA, be sure the acquisition cost includes all costs associated with placing the asset in service.

Acquisition Method Description
01 Federal Sources – Capital assets purchased with federal appropriations, grants and/or other federal sources.
02 State Sources – Capital assets purchased with state appropriations, state grants and/or other state funding sources. When using this acquisition method, the appropriate capital asset object code (COMPT OBJ) is required.
03 Local and Private Sources – Capital assets purchased with local or private funds, grants, contracts, donated cash and/or other sources.
04 Constructed Property – Capital assets that were under construction (CIP) and recorded in SPA, using class code 090, but have now been completed.
05 Gifts or Donations – Capital asset gifts and/or donations given by an entity (external to the state) or an individual. This includes (1) capital assets purchased by a contractor that remain on site at the end of a contract/project and the contractor donates the assets to the state agency or (2) property awarded to a state agency by a court. When using this acquisition method, the appraisal method used to determine the value of the asset must be provided.
08 Debt Financed Instruments – Includes capital leases, MELP (equipment financed by the Texas Public Finance Authority), operating leases (optional), Revenue Bonds, General Obligation Bonds or a line of credit. When using this acquisition method, four additional fields must be completed.
09 Assets Held in Trust – Assets held on behalf of a non-state entity and placed in control of the agency, however the assets are not used in the operations of the agency. Example: A private art collection displayed by a state agency.
11 Transfers From A State Agency – Capital assets transferred from a state agency, college or university. This acquisition method is SYSTEM GENERATED.
13 Property Held in Suspense – Capital assets held in suspense until complete accounting information becomes available. Capital assets with this acquisition method cannot be transferred to another state agency and is excluded from SPA system reports used for financial reporting.
14 Transfers From an External University – Capital assets transferred from an external university. This acquisition method is SYSTEM GENERATED.
99 ZZ TFC Surplus Property – Property not required to be reported to SPA per capitalized or controlled asset Comptroller policy, but added to enter the asset in the TFC surplus process. This type of property must be assigned an asset tag beginning with ZZ. This property is excluded from SPA financial (CAAB) reports.